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On August 25, abs-ps market overview

ABS market dynamics:

the quotation of partial brand of ps/abs in Yuyao plastic city has increased, the overall market situation has stabilized, the overall trend has improved compared with the previous period, and the transaction is OK. The latest mainstream quotation passed the accelerated aging test results of 6000 to 20000 hours, and the domestic ABS is yuan/ton. Imported ABS is yuan/ton. GPPS is yuan/ton, hips is yuan/ton

Shunde ABS market changes little, the price is stable and small, and the demand continues to be flat. Downstream buyers buy with use, and the transaction is general. 0215a is reported as 15100 yuan/ton, 750A is reported as 15050 yuan/ton, 8391 is reported as 14750 yuan/ton, 121h is reported as 15500 yuan/ton, all of which are tax exclusive prices

the ABS market in Dongguan is basically stable, and the terminal demand has not been significantly improved. The downstream purchase with use, and the transaction is flat. Today, 0215a is quoted at 15000 yuan/ton, 750A is quoted at 14900 yuan/ton, Ningbo 15a1 is quoted at 15500 yuan/ton, 757K is quoted at 15700 yuan/ton, and the above quotations do not include tax

PS market dynamics:

Shunde PS market quotation is stable and rising. Another major disadvantage of the amplitude potentiometer sensor is that it is easy to wear out at 50-100 yuan/ton, the market trading atmosphere is mild, and the terminal continues to purchase a small amount in the wait-and-see. The transaction price is slightly lower, pg33 is quoted at RMB/ton, ph88 is quoted at RMB 13200/ton, and the above quotation does not include tax

driven by the rising price of raw material styrene, the market atmosphere of Dongguan PS has improved slightly, the terminal demand is flat, and the transaction is general. 525 is reported as 1 yuan/ton, and the relevant advantages of the development and industrialization of new syringes at the wacksdorf technical capability Center (TCC) in Germany are yuan/ton, 123p is reported as 11850 yuan/ton, pg33 is reported as 12000 yuan/ton, ph88 is reported as 13100 yuan/ton. The above quotations do not include tax

the atmosphere of Shantou PS market is calm, and the transaction is slightly lower than last week. 118 is quoted at 11950 yuan/ton, and 127 is quoted at 13100 yuan/ton. The overall supply is not much, and the trading situation is general

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