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The use safety of plastic packaging bags in the food industry has attracted much attention

recently, the problem of food packaging has been increasingly concerned by consumers. At present, the main sanitary indicators of plastic used for food packaging have reached the safety standards. However, due to the variety of plastics, there are potential safety hazards for the classified use of plastics for food and non food use

on the one hand, both businesses and consumers lack the awareness of actively distinguishing food and non food plastic bags; There is also a phenomenon that recycled plastic bags made of recycled plastics are used in the market to package food. Such plastic bags contain harmful compounds and bacteria, which is not conducive to human health

on the other hand, improper use may lead to health and safety problems. For example: long-term use of plastic bags for high-temperature food; When heating food in the microwave oven, a special kind of fresh-keeping film blown out by the scientific research film blowing machine of the Institute of physical and chemical technology is not used. The team combines the non enzymatic hydrolysis process, water-soluble process and biodegradation process into a plastic bag; Fresh keeping film shall not be used for low-temperature storage food

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