Latest market trends of Xiamen natural rubber Mark

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The latest market dynamics of Xiamen natural rubber market

in Xiamen natural rubber market, along with the weakening of the production area market, the weakness of the sales area price is still obvious. The mainstream quotation of National Standard No. 1 fell to about 15800 ~ 15700 yuan/ton, a drop of 300 ~ 500 yuan/ton compared with last weekend, and the transaction was low; Imported glue, Thailand No. 3 cigarette has very few sources of supply, and there are few quotations; The price of 3L in Vietnam is relatively low. At the end of 1440, we can improve the design to deal with other technical difficulties. We can print the experimental report and save the experimental data of 0 ~ 14600 yuan/ton (without tickets), and the price of Vietnamese composite glue is about 15000 yuan/ton (without tickets). The recent sharp decline in futures has caused a strong wait-and-see mood in the downstream. The market atmosphere is relatively light, and the domestic spot price may continue to look for support

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