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When decorating, many people will install shelves on the wall, which can be used to place decorations, but also play a decorative effect and enhance the highlights of indoor decoration. But pay attention to the installation method when installing the shelf, just pay attention to some details. Then, next, I will introduce the installation methods and principles of wall mounted shelves

installation method of shelf on the wall

1. Prepare tools, and select the impact drill according to the size of the expansion screw of the shelf. The impact drill can choose a larger drill appropriately

2. Plan the installation position of the shelf, and then measure the height and hole spacing with a ruler and other measuring tools, and then mark with a pencil. It is best to punch holes

3. After drilling, place the expansion screw in the hole and fix it with a hammer

4. It's better to fix the shelf

installation principle of wall shelf I

the installation of wall shelf should follow the practical principle, which can make it more convenient to take small objects according to the spatial layout and daily living habits. For example, when installing shelves in the kitchen, you can consider installing shelves on the wall where you can get them when cooking

installation principle 2 of the wall shelf

the installation of the wall shelf should follow the principle of saving space, such as: the space between the kitchen and bathroom is relatively small, so the installation should save space and make rational use of the space position

installation principles of wall shelves III

the installation of wall shelves should follow the principle of clear classification. Shelves with different functions can be installed in different positions, which is also conducive to us to develop good household habits

editor's summary: This is the introduction to the installation methods and principles of wall mounted shelves. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about relevant knowledge, you can pay attention to information




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