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To adhere to the principle of "spending less, doing more and doing good things" in the complex decoration market, we need not only to understand the decoration project, but also some skills to wander in the Jianghu. Fortunately, our predecessors have set many examples, and we just need to follow suit

if you want to adhere to “ Spend less, do more, and do good ” The principle of decoration requires not only an understanding of the decoration project, but also some skills in wandering the Jianghu. Fortunately, the predecessors have set many examples, and we just need to learn from them

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tricks 1 participate in group purchase

the most common and common money saving tricks. Such activities can be organized by professional online media, and can also be attended by communities or purely online groups; The law is that the more people there are, the more attractive the discount is. Participants can enjoy more favorable discounts than stores, and such activities are often accompanied by handsome boys and beautiful women singing and dancing, and sometimes there are various types of lottery, and maybe they will draw something back

disadvantages: because it is too common, the enthusiasm of manufacturers is easy to be frustrated, and the discount is easy to be unattractive. Novices should pay attention to comparing the discount prices of real-time stores before starting

trick 2 find the right time to start again

the secret of this trick is “ Time of day ”. The normal usage time is “ May day &rdquo& ldquo; Xi ”, Basically, all businesses are doing activities at the price of spitting blood. The competition is particularly fierce and it is easy to get benefits. Many things that are usually worn out and only receive a 20% discount are 50% off at this time. It's also about gadgets. Many high-end furniture brands, such as Natuzzi, will have member special offers at a fixed time every year, with a minimum of 30% discount. Pay attention

disadvantages: it is not easy to match the time, so we need to do a lot of homework in advance, such as brand, color, texture and other product series

trick 3 bargaining is reasonable

this trick is a stupid way to test people's foot strength and endurance. If you want to buy something cheap, don't go to the supermarket. The crowded market is cheaper; Similarly, try to pick remote corners and basements in the same store

in terms of location, it is recommended that you go to the small market near the big building materials city. Many designers control costs and go there to buy goods. Of course, it is a test of professional vision. You will also find shops that can customize products here, and the price is certainly cheaper than what you buy

disadvantages: it requires abundant physical strength, strong patience, and really “ Pick up gold in the garbage ” Determination





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