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"Wooden life, natural aesthetics that has not been blended"

"wooden life, natural aesthetics that has not been blended"

people call the popularity of wooden furniture the "Renaissance" of wood, but it is not "Renaissance", because it has never been far away from people's daily life since ancient times. Just like no matter how the concept of home design changes, home is always a place to rest. Warmth, relaxation and affinity are the constant themes of home

health and environmental protection is one of the most important requirements of modern decoration, and one of the new products grandly launched by songboyu - North American raw wood series products is a real pure solid wood board, which brings health and environmental protection to your family, while enabling your family to get close to nature every day and feel the vitality brought by logs

wood art, craftsmanship quality

log characteristics, natural and environmental protection

raw wood is selected from logs over 60 years old in North America. There is no formaldehyde and harmful substances added in the production process, maintaining the natural texture of the logs themselves. It is beneficial to human health and does not cause environmental pollution

North American core, excellent material

the raw wood board with North American logs as the core is solid and durable, with natural lines and a wood fragrance; With good moisture absorption and permeability, it is widely used in the decoration of high-end furniture, doors, windows, solid wood carving and other houses. It is the best choice in wood decoration

original process, strength production

the original wood board is processed by songboyu's first solid wood panel production process. All the time, songboyu has continuously introduced advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, which has laid a solid foundation for the optimization of product production

five series, rich and multi-choice

songboyu's new original wood board currently has five series from log 1.0 to log 5.0, from the base material to the veneer finish and wormhole relief process; Various configurations, various processes and rich colors make the decoration and home effect more excellent and natural; It shows luxury quality in low-key nature, presenting you with a visual feast like skin texture

consolidate the foundation and stand out from the encirclement

good products not only make a good brand, but also bring healthy, environmental friendly, comfortable and natural living environment to thousands of consumers and even every household; Although we can't "add bricks and tiles" to the houses of thousands of families, we can "add boards and materials" to their housing construction and lay a solid foundation for their healthy life

20 years of continuous adherence, song Boyu has grown from a small wood processing workshop to a large-scale listed wood enterprise. On the road of the timber industry, the shuffle mode of survival of the fittest has been performed frequently, but song Boyu has never been afraid of these challenges, but has become braver and braver

in terms of products, song Boyu has always used the "craftsman spirit of building wood with heart" to improve quality, and there is no end

in dealing with consumers, songboyu has been taking a pragmatic attitude to continuously improve the quality of its products, constantly sending green and healthy environmental protection furniture materials to consumers, and a more comfortable and comfortable new life for thousands of households

countless facts have proved that enterprises can only become bigger and stronger if they refine their products and keep improving. Everything has no end, only better, no best

songboyu brand strengthens the production foundation, firmly establishes the foundation of enterprise development, and is committed to continuous innovation, fashion, health and comfortable home life for mankind. In the future, songboyu will also continue to adhere to development and innovation, strengthen product research and development, and make products better. In the fierce market competition, songboyu will stand out from the encirclement, contribute its own strength to the healthy development of the industry, and realize the real brand value




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