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Under the trend of re examining the business ecological chain and ecological environment through Internet thinking, corporate brands must also have an innovative nature to meet the needs and starting points of users, and corporate brands must cater to such groups

recently, I was drinking tea and chatting with several friends in the online media industry, and the topic naturally came to the era of mobile Internet

I often wander on the Internet and often hear the story of this great God and that great man, and I gain a lot. Such as: Pigs standing on the tuyere, customers' physical examination thinking, pain point thinking, removing intermediate links, cock wire pop point thinking, Internet thinking, sharing thinking, etc. These writers feel very useful. However, there is a point that the author has not figured out and does not agree. That is, in the era of mobile Internet, we should de brand. But the author has not found a proper statement to prove the author's idea

I don't want to interpret what a brand is in writing. The author's understanding is: brand is a banner, and marketing is a revolution guided by brand. There must be nothing false in the middle. In other words, there is no fixed way to package and promote the brand. Since it is called a brand, it must have a high popularity

don't you see, which Internet brand doesn't have a strong exposure rate and wide popularity. Ma Yun and Lei Jun are brands themselves. Wang Taiji and super notebook all have absolute exposure rate in a very short time and become famous. In the era of mobile Internet, we need to pay more attention to the absolute advantage in relative time, the reputation effect and the eyeball effect. At the same time, we also need to have a closer and more harmonious way of communication with user groups. Therefore, the era of mobile Internet is not de branding, but the extension of the brand has changed, the carrier of the brand has become more diversified, the way of brand communication has become more diversified, and the efficiency of brand information has become faster. In the era of mobile Internet, what is a brand? Lei Jun's saying is that the seven character formula is "focused, extreme, word-of-mouth, fast". The author's understanding is very simple: if you are recognized, willing to participate, interactive, become a fan, and have a good reputation, you may become a brand in the era of mobile Internet

when it comes to brand management in the mobile Internet era or the Internet era, it can only be said that under any trend and mode, brand operation management is promoted by two steps in parallel. Internet online brands are more inclined to understand and pay attention to users, and bring users closer to brands. While offline terminal brands are more inclined to user experience, user use, and closer relationship with users. It can be seen that both online Internet brands and offline terminal brands are operated and managed around user groups. The double line promotion only brings user groups of different regions, different natures and different levels closer

with the development of Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing and other technologies, the effect of a brand or the growth influence of a brand cannot be separated from the marketing mode, marketing method, marketing thinking, etc. driven by the development momentum of these technologies. Under the guidance of Internet thinking and the follow of user groups, the marketing thinking of enterprise brands also changes with the change of Internet thinking. Under the trend of reexamining the business ecological chain and ecological environment through Internet thinking, corporate brands must also have an innovative nature, including innovative product content, innovative service content, and innovative experience content, so as to meet the needs and starting points of users. Corporate brands must cater to such groups

the user group is the cornerstone of our operation object, and also the experimenter of all kinds of scientific and technological development. We should do a good job of all users' concerns and all users' needs. Service plus experience, service plus marketing, experience plus communication, experience plus speech, form a multi-directional, multi-type and diversified integration, and brand communication reputation and brand effect will bloom with it

in the customized home industry, the application of Internet brand management is more prominent. Customized home itself naturally has an Internet thinking marketing mode. O2o2o is our direction, forming a benign closed loop. In this case, the marketing mode of Internet products, as an enterprise brand, from the root direction and the root mode, we can say that we need to have such Internet thinking. Isn't the arrival of the so-called industry 4.0 era, which is very hot now, a revolutionary development trend of this customization industry based on Internet dimension

COME ON! Let us embrace this beautiful era with open arms

Huang Weiguo, vice president of Guangzhou shiniman home furnishing Co., Ltd.

personal profile:

Huang Weiguo, male, aged 38, now works in Guangzhou shiniman home furnishing Co., Ltd., and now holds the positions of deputy general manager of shiniman home furnishing and general manager of shiniman wardrobe. From 2000 to 2012, he worked in Guangdong Dongpeng Ceramics Co., Ltd. and successively served as the marketing director. Have a deep understanding of the refined management of modern large enterprises and the marketing of the home industry in the era of mobile Internet

work experience:

from 2000 to 2012, served as the marketing director of Guangdong Dongpeng Ceramics Co., Ltd

from 2012 to 2015, he served as the deputy general manager of Guangzhou sieneman home furnishing Co., Ltd

business philosophy:

business and management are two different concepts. Operation is to make enterprises earn money continuously and solve the problems of volume, cost and profit. Management is to make the enterprise earn money stably and solve the problems of responsibility, power and profit of the enterprise. In terms of marketing concept, it advocates four dimensions of "wide, deep, high and fast". In terms of enterprise operation, it advocates four levels of "Tao, method, technique and instrument"





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