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Craftsman of fine wood, whole house and easy decoration + Henan Luohe exclusive store | the top ten brands of board have turned around magnificently

in recent years, the traditional home furnishing industry has suffered from the huge impact of "Internet +" e-commerce and the strongest environmental storm. Many practitioners have reached a consensus that the traditional home furnishing industry "will die if there is no change". The whole house customization industry is in the wind. Too many people are jealous of opening stores or factories, but those who can finally survive the game in the Red Sea are people who are ready

the reason why a dealer joined a brand of whole house customized furniture is that he believes that this industry has prospects for development. Many dealers even cross the border to the whole house customization industry to continue to display their talents. Although the road of transformation is not easy, there are many businesses that find the right way to achieve a magnificent turn

with the change of consumption concept and market demand, Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has completely integrated strategic resources and brand value to create a fine craftsman's healthy board? Whole house easy decoration + new retail mode. In the era of great changes in the industry, changes are imperative. Refined wood craftsman whole house easy to wear + Henan Luohe exclusive store is a strong illustration

2018 is a year for craftsman of fine materials. The brand system of craftsman of fine materials has been enriched and completed from the update and upgrading of board products to the rapid growth of whole house easy decoration + finished furniture. Henan Luohe specialty store of fine craftsman is carefully built according to the brand's newly upgraded store design requirements, forming a more comprehensive and rich exhibition area pattern. At the same time, the display of refined craftsman's finished products in the store is more meticulous, and the creation of the home atmosphere is more appropriate and real, so that every consumer who comes to visit can't help being attracted by the beautiful and warm home

the sea is full of heroes, and heaven rewards diligence to reproduce the style of the king of fine craftsman, fine material? Art craftsman? Eco your home

refined wood craftsman whole house easy-to-wear + Henan Luohe exclusive store

address: No. 67, building materials market 88, Yuanhui Trade Zone, Luohe City, Henan Province

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website of China's top ten brand fine wood craftsmen: www.jcyjbc Com

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