The first cooking utensils workshop skills PK comp

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In order to meet the needs of enterprise development, improve the professional skills and quality of employees, fully mobilize the work enthusiasm and enthusiasm of front-line employees in the workshop, improve work efficiency and product quality, further standardize the production technology grade assessment of front-line employees, and maximize the overall benefit development of the company, on November 26, Cohen electric specially held the first cooking utensils workshop skills PK competition

this competition is divided into two parts: quality knowledge competition and product inspection competition. The competition is divided into written examination and quality search. Line 1 and line 2 of the stove workshop participated in this competition. At the order of the referee, the contestants answered the questions carefully, and the written examination comprehensively examined the professional and technical knowledge level of the participating employees, which stimulated the employees' enthusiasm for work and study. After the written examination, the team immediately went to the next round of quality search. The contestants quickly opened the defective stove products set in advance according to the product inspection standards. The contestants quickly found out the problems of the stove by looking at the appearance, checking the accessories, functional testing, etc. After on-site scoring, line 2 of the stove workshop won a great victory in the competition

Rome wasn't built in a day. If you want to be skilled, you must have accumulated experience and skills summarized in your daily work. Through this employee skill PK competition, the practical skill level and quality control ability of employees were further tested. It encourages employees to refine their skills in daily work and promotes the steady improvement of the overall production efficiency of the workshop




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