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Dongguan UV curing machine manufacturer briefly describes the UVLED linear light source and its application

Dongguan UV curing machine manufacturer "yunshuo" briefly describes the UVLED linear light source and its application:

in the IT electronic manufacturing industry, following the UVLED point light source, the linear light emitting UVLED UV curing light source is emerging. Now the principle, structure, characteristics and application of UVLED linear light source are introduced. UV LED linear light source is different from the scattered light emitted by mercury lamp. The UV light emitted by UV LED linear light source is a narrow linear light close to parallel light, with concentrated energy, high irradiation intensity and high curing efficiency; Avoid UV damage outside the working area; It can also form a curved light source; It began to be used in LCD panel, touch screen, printing and other fields. UVLED features:

long service life, more than 20000 hours; Energy saving this is a new type of polyester made of proprietary bio PDO (1,3-propanol), with remarkable effect, up to 90%

no infrared thermal radiation:

will not cause thermal stress and thermal deformation of the workpiece; Small size and flexible configuration: the volume is only 0, and the force value displayed by the computer is recorded as. 1cm3; The energy is concentrated, and more than 98% of the light output is in the ultraviolet band; The main wave peak is narrow and single, and more than 90% of the glazing output is concentrated in the range of ± 10nm near the main wave peak

DC low voltage drive:

suitable for portable UV equipment; The output power is stable and continuously adjustable; Instant light output: no preheating time is required, and the response time is microsecond; The opening and closing times do not affect the service life, and the shutter is not required; Environmental protection: RoHS compliant, mercury free. UVLED curing application UVLED curing machine can provide ultraviolet light like mercury lamp. It also has the characteristics that mercury lamp does not have, such as long service life, no thermal radiation, low power consumption, low cost, accurate and adjustable power, small volume and customized light source shape

has been successfully applied in many industrial assembly fields:

LC5, signal waveform D manufacturing, camera and other optical product manufacturing, optical disc manufacturing, watch manufacturing, buzzer, key assembly, electronic circuit board manufacturing, polarizing component manufacturing, micromotor assembly and other electronic component manufacturing; The application of UVLED UV curing machine in civil use is also developing gradually: in the field of daily necessities, it is mainly used in the manufacture of household goods, furniture production, toy production, etc; In the field of glass technology, the assembly of glass crafts; Assembly, inlay, positioning and printing of jewelry and other accessories

Dongguan UV curing machine manufacturer "yunshuo" is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of UV LED products. The company integrates R & D, production, sales and service. Adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, focus, innovation, environmental protection and gratitude", the company specializes in the R & D and application of new environmental protection and energy-saving special light sources

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